Feasibility Study of Electronic Ballasts



The main objective was to find new topologies that could enable the minimisation of the passive filtering and energy storage passive components (inductors and capacitors in further Electronic ballast) in flourescent light fittings. An interleaving technique is proposed to alleviate some of the shortcomings of the conventional, boost Power factor correction methods like high input current ripple and current stress. Two novel serial and a parallel interleaved topology suitable for ballast applications are considered yielding a lower input filtering requirement. The two single-stage serial interleaved topologies exhibit additional lower cost. Based on these premises three new candidates for the fluorescent electronic ballast are proposed as follows: * A Non-dimmable DCM Interleaved Single-stage ballast * A Non-dimmable TM Interleaved Single-stage ballast * A Dimmable Parallel Interleaved Dual-stage ballast. Designs programs were written using Matlab. Finally, the designs are validated using PSpice simulations to provide knowledge for further prototyping. Control implementation considerations concluded the study.The project ended with two reports. The project is sponsered by Danfoss Lightning Control.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200030/11/2000


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