FG-NET - Face and Gesture Recognition Working Group / Ansigts- og gestusgenkendelsesarbejdsgruppe



FG-NET was a six-partner EU-IST Concerted Action/Thematic Network (IST-2000-26434) that started in 2001 and ran until 2004. The aim of this project was to encourage technology development in the area of face and gesture recognition. The precise goals were: (1) to act as a focus for the workers developing face and gesture recognition technology; (2) to create a set of foresight reports defining development roadmaps and future use scenarios for the technology in the medium (5-7 years) and long (10-20 years) term; (3) to specify, develop, and supply resources (e.g. image data sets) supporting these scenarios, and (4) to use these resources to encourage technology development. The use of shared resources and data sets to encourage the development of complex processes and recognition systems has been very successful in the speech analysis and recognition field, and in the image analysis field in the specific cases where it has been applied. The basis of this project is that, when properly defined and collected, such resources would also be of benefit in the development of solutions to wider problems in face and gesture recognition. (Thomas B. Moeslund, Moritz Störring, Lars Reng, Michael Nielsen, and Erik Granum)
Effektiv start/slut dato31/12/200431/12/2004