Flexible Energy Production, Demand and Storage-based Virtual Power Plants for Electricity Markets and Resilient DSO Operation



FEVER will implement and demonstrate solutions and services that leverage flexibility towards offering electricity grid services that address problems of the distribution grid, thus enabling it to function in a secure and resilient manner. The project encompasses technologies and techniques for extraction of energy flexibilities from virtual and explicit energy storage (batteries, V2G) and demand response. FEVER will leverage the potential for flexibility due to the electrification of sectors such as heating (heat pumps, district heating) and cooling (e.g. industrial refrigeration). In FEVER we will implement a comprehensive flexibility aggregation, management and trading solution that incorporates intelligence around the optimal flexibility orchestration and is capable to offer flexibility services in different markets (local, wholesale). In addition, a peer-to-peer flexibility trading toolbox will be implemented with a distributed ledger technology enabling autonomous peer-to-peer trading. FEVER will implement a set of goal-oriented applications and tools that empower DSOs with optimal grid observability and controllability. The DSO toolbox will include advanced monitoring and automated control functions (critical event prevention, self-healing, island-mode power management, etc.). FEVER will carry out extensive demonstration and testing activities in multiple settings. For scalability assessment the project includes large scale simulations of novel market mechanisms for day-ahead and continuous trading of flexibility services, and simulations of wholesale-retail market coupling.These simulations will contribute to the quantification of the impact of flexibility services at the distribution grid level and beyond (transmission level). FEVER’s holistic approach to flexibility will facilitate establishing and operating appropriate business models for all players in the market, thereby providing the EU with a secure, efficient and resilient electric grid.
Kort titelFEVER
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/202031/07/2023


  • EU Forskning: 4.188.000,00 kr.


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