Flexible Hydrogen Fuel Cell System for Material Handling Vehicles


The HyFlexDrive project will focus on next generation high efficiency, high reliability and low cost fuel cell module for material handling applications. The H2Drive fuel cell module for material handling applications has been demonstrated in a number of applications with good results. Further research and development is needed to reach the market. The challenges are the following:
- Cost reduction of system components and improve system architecture.
- Improve system water and thermal management.
- Continue development of competitive modularized flexible systems.
- Improve system reliability.
The goal of the HyFlex Drive project is to reduce the product cost by 20% and solve identified technical challenges on form factor and robustness. The aim is to introduce hydrogen fuel cell operated fork lift trucks and airport tow tractors to the market in 2017 as a viable economical, zero emission alternatives to LPG and diesel powered fork lift trucks and airport tow tractors. With the world leading capabilities of the partners in this project these challenges can be overcome using a structured approach and combining previous and new learning among the partners.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201531/08/2018


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Hydrogen fuels
Materials handling
Tractors (truck)
Fuel cells
Liquefied petroleum gas
Water management
Cost reduction
Temperature control