Gaia-vindmoelle anvendt i vind-diesel system og som stand-alone mølle/Gaia Wind turbine in Wind-Diesel systems and as stand-alone



Supply of energy is one of the prerequisites for economic development. Throughout the world many places exist that is not connected to large grids having their own isolated power system or maybe no power at all. These sites have their isolation and need for power in common. There is therefore a need for power system technology specifically for such places. The technical requirements for such systems are that they are robust, dependable and scalable. In order to reduce cost of such systems development of a more general small power system concept can be beneficial since it then will be possible to cover the development costs by more systems. Such an approach will also make the system more reliable and scalability can be built in. Another important issue is to use proven technology and components. For application in small systems only few wind turbines exist and even fewer have been installed in large numbers. The project developes a modified control of a Gaia windturbine (11 kW) and test it both in a diesel grid and as a stand-alone unit. Further, a concept for small power supply systems will be developed. The project has two directions. The first direction has been the actual testing of the existing but slightly modified wind turbine in a wind diesel test facility, followed by a development of a stand-alone version of the wind turbine where the existing wind turbine is connected to the grid through a back-to-back power converter. The tasks of the power converter are to control the wind turbine, control the grid and ensure power balance of the grid by means of a battery storage and a dump load. This system layout have been chosen in order to have a robust and well controlled grid side of the converter in order to be able to handle many types of load including pumps. The second direction has been the development of the overall system concept mainly the supervisory control concept. The work is based on previous work on the so-called simple, robust and reliable hybrid system concept and a previously developed modular controller concept. Extensive tests will be done at full scale. The project is funded by the UVE-prgramme at the Danish Energy Agency. (Henrik Bindner, Per Lundsager, Risoe National Laboratory; Jens Wodstrup, Gaia Wind Systems; Jesper Andersen, Mita-teknik; Frede Blåbjerg,Remus Theoderescu)
Effektiv start/slut dato07/05/200114/06/2002