GAP1: Bridging the gap between science and stakeholders: Phase I - Common Ground

  • Wilson, Douglas Clyde (Projektdeltager)
  • Degnbol, Ditte (Projektdeltager)



GAP1 proposes to build a framework for incorporating the active participation of fishers and their knowledge into a research programme, by means of a series of workshops and ‘reconnaissance' meetings. It represents phase I of a three-phase research programme that aims to explore the complementary nature of alternative knowledge and investigate how they may be combined to enhance our current understanding and management of the natural resources. Tied to knowledge, GAP1 is an evidence-based approach that uses participation as the vehicle to achieve mutual understanding on fisheries management issues of common concern to stakeholders, scientists and policy makers. This is a pre-requisite for fostering the mutual respect essential for successful future collaboration. By helping catalyse synergies between scientists, stakeholders and policy makers, GAP1 takes account of the aspirations and concerns of civil society for a sound scientific basis supporting sustainable management, conservation of ecosystem integrity and biodiversity of the marine environment. It addresses the need to create the foundations for active citizenship, whereby society itself influences which scientific choices are made and controls their impact. It adheres to the objectives of the ERA and thus supports the Commissions commitment to make the EU the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based society in the world.

Coordinator: CEFAS, UK

Effektiv start/slut dato01/04/200830/09/2009


  • EU 7th Framework Programme


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