GARTEUR Flight Mechanics Action Croup FM-AG16: Fault Tolerant Control

  • Zhang, Youmin, (Projektdeltager)



    Project on a GARTEUR Flight Mechanics Action Group FM-AG16:
    Fault Tolerant Control

    The FM-AG16 Fault Tolerant Control project is an R&D project associated with GARTEUR (Group for Aeronautical Research and Technology in EURope) Action Group (AG16) in Flight Mechanics, Systems and Integration (FM) technical programme. The project has started from Sept. 2004 and is expected to be finished in Sept. 2007. Based on the recommendation from one of the group members (Cambridge University in UK) and the approval of all other participating group members, our university becomes one of the 15 group members since July 2005, formerly approved in Jan. 2006.

    Currently, the project has been participated by the several leading universities in Europe (such as Cambridge University, Leicester University, Hull University and Brunel University in UK; Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands; University of Lille 1 and University of Bordeaux in France), research institutes (such as NLR in Netherlands, DLR in Germany, and QinetiQ and DSTL in UK; CIRA in Italy), and aerospace industry (Airbus in France).

    The objective of the AG16 project is to conduct a leading research activity in Europe for developing fault tolerant control (FTC) techniques with application to aircraft, which includes fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) and reconfigurable flight control in the presence of malfunctions in actuators, control surfaces and sensors. Specifically, the action group will address the integration of new, advanced methods for fault detection and diagnosis together with schemes for control system reconfiguration applied to a representative, nonlinear aircraft model and a realistic failure scenario. In addition to be tested in a realistic nonlinear Matlab/Simulink airplane benchmark model, developed FDD and FTC techniques by each group will also be evaluated and assessed in a flight simulator at the Delft University of Technology. A final project workshop will be held together with potential journal and book publications. The mid-term workshop will be held in Airbus (Toulouse, France during 3-5, 2006).

    This project is very tightly relevant to our IRS (Intelligent Reliable Systems) Master programme, including both courses teaching and student projects on the topics in fault detection and diagnosis, fault tolerant control and computing, and reliability and fault tolerance with applications to safety-critical systems.

    FM-AG16 team at AAUE (from 2005):
    Assistant Prof. Youmin Zhang
    One student is doing his master in relation to AG16 project.
    Two student semester projects were in indirect relation to the project in Fall 2005.
    More teachers and students may be expected for participating into this project.
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