Grey‐Box Modeling and Plant‐wide Control in Water Treatment for Offshore Oil & Gas Production



This project will focus on proposing some innovative solution with the aim to cost‐effectively improve the efficiency and capacity of existing water treatment facilities in offshore EOR, by employing advanced grey‐box modeling technology and plant‐wide control strategy based on these obtained models. The scope of this investigation covers both the typical Injection Water Treatment (IWT) facilities and also Produced Water Treatment (PWT) facilities. For the IWT case, the balance of loads for multi‐stage filtration processes will be modelled and thereby optimally controlled via advanced model‐based control strategy. For the PWT case, the grey‐box modeling of typical de‐oiling hydrocyclone facility will be focused, with the objective to provide a solid mathematical model of this type of system for control design purpose. Fully supported by DHRTC with total budget: 1.9mill DKK.
Kort titelGrey-box modeling & control
Effektiv start/slut dato01/09/201731/10/2020


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