Health Aspects of Non-Ionising Radiation



The Danish Strategic Research Council has initiated several projects concerning the possible health aspects of radiation from mobile phones and base stations. We take part in two projects, where we are responsible for the exposure systems and signal definitions.

1. ‘Experimental study of mobile base station related radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation in healthy adults and adolescents’ together with Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Århus University. This study focuses on replication of an experimental study of a UMTS signal at TNO in the Netherlands.

2 ‘PET Study of the Cerebrometabolic Effects on Non-ionizing Radiation from Mobile Phones’ together with Center for Functionally Integrative Neuroscience, Århus University

Healthy subjects aged 18-40 years will be included for this study. A modified commercial GSM-telephone will be placed on the right ear and the subject will be scanned while using the phone.
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