Helping teachers to improve their conception of intelligence.

  • Pons, Francisco (Projektdeltager)



The research was designed to assess the conceptions that teachers have of the development of their pupils? intelligence and to see if it was possible to help them to change their conception. Indeed, several studies have shown that teachers? conception of intelligence may have an impact on their pupils? school achievement. Three theoretical conceptions of intelligence development were defined as Innate, Empirical and Constructivist. Some of the results of this empirical research have been presented at the 72ème Congrès de l?Association Canadienne Française pour l?Avancement des Sciences (ACFAS), Montréal, Canada (Doudin, Pons & Martin, 2004). This empirical research is still running. With Pierre-André Doudin (Universities of Geneva and Lausanne) and Daniel Martin (HEP Lausanne).
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