High Quality and Robust Energy Conversion Systems for Distributed Network



This project aims to protect low voltage distribution networks according to two new international harmonic regulations within the 2-9 kHz and 9 -150 kHz frequency ranges, by reducing harmonics and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) emissions generated by power electronics converters in variable speed motor drives. The project outcomes will improve quality and robustness of power converters installed in grids through device and system level optimization. This project addresses the following key objectives:

o Development of a multi-objective optimization simulation model to identify key design factors in order to improve efficiency, quality and lifetime of power converters
o Development of passive and active harmonic and EMI mitigation techniques for the frequency range of 0-150 kHz and above
o Mitigation of common mode voltages and resonances generated by grid-connected power converters at both grid and load sides
Effektiv start/slut dato16/11/201815/11/2021


  • Australian Research Council (ARC): kr 5.832.037,00


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