Hybrid (freight) sailing: Sustainable approaches and innovative liasions



The North Sea Region is in the middle of a decarbonisation transition with much attention to sea transport. The North Sea connects the North Sea Regions with each other and is the carrier of import and export freight streams. Most ships sail on diesel with significant emissions.
Having much new sustainable solutions in view combined with a tradition of innovation and ambitions, the North Sea Region seems to be an excellent living lab for developing and testing zero emission freight sailing solutions.

Building an (almost) emission free freight ship today seems to be possible. Wind is very easy to extract by sails and wings and is considered to be an important propulsion system for the future. In combination with solar energy, waves and possibly biogas a promising packet of sustainable solutions is available.

Assumptions are many in this perspective and they need a thorough validation.
Related to this economic return of sustainable investments in the present shipping market is an item that needs further research. Investment cycles now limit the capacity of innovation.

By this S@il 2.0. project a transition process will be facilitated including the development of competitive sustainable techniques, living lab pilots and building of public private alliances.

Market conditions, policy aspects, supporting of actions like clean shipping labeling and public awareness are main items to complete this process.
Estimating the right future investments in this perspective is a main challenge and outcome.

Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/201201/06/2015


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