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Project proposal for the "bruger-dreven innovation" funding scheme. Erhvervs-og Byggestyrelse

The I|De|A project aims at designing new products and services that support ageing people in living in their own home, maintaining autonomy and an active lifestyle. This aim is consistent with government policies to reduce the costs of dependency for ageing people and encourage staying in own home.

This project will be developed through a continuous and direct cooperation between companies, researchers and ageing people. Ageing people will be, at the same time, the end users and the co-producers of innovation. Indeed they will work together with researchers, companies and other relevant stakeholder in order to develop scenarios, suggest concepts and solutions and test prototypes.

The project will have two kinds of outcomes:

  1. A series of products and services to support elderly people's independent life in their own home. This outcome is directly addressing the industry partners' interest in this project
  2. A specification of key systemic factors that would make independent life possible and desirable for elderly people. Such factors may or may not be under the direct control of the industry partners or the participants to the project, but they are essential to define the nature and characteristics of products and services to be developed. Furthermore such factors are critical for the definition of future corporate strategies and public policies to support ageing people's independent life.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200831/12/2009


  • Erhvervs-og Byggestyrelse. Bruger-dreven Innovation


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