IDEEB Intelligently Designed Energy Efficient Buildings – assessment and control by an Eco-Factor system



    Et europæisk forskningsprojekt inden for EU's 5. rammeprogram - Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (ENERGIE). Hovedformålet er optimalt design af kontorer med lav miljømæssig påvirkning og et godt indeklima. Starttidspunkt: Januar 2002. Sluttidspunkt December 2005. hjemmeside: (med mulighed for at få tilsendt nyhedsbrev). Deltagere: Aalborg University ; FaberMaunsell, UK ; Ministerie van Volkshuisvesting, The Netherlands ; Center for Renewable Energy Sources, Greece ; NCC AB, Sweden ; Honeywell INUcontrol Ltd, Sweden ; Hoare Lea, UK ; European Public Law Center, Greece ; SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, Sweden ; Christer Nordström Ltd Architectual Bureau, Sweden. (Henrik Brohus, Erik Bjørn) The building stock in Europe is today responsible for about 40 % of the total energy use and thereby also for the corresponding emissions to our environment. To secure a sustainable society in the future our building must be more energy efficient as well as optimised for using renewable energy sources and sustainable technologies. Today we have several good demonstration examples of these technologies but they are not becoming mainstream in the building industry. This is due to that each building is unique with specific requirements and conditions and there is a need for a new way of working. IDEEB aims to increase the knowledge of a building as a whole energy system, regarding the building and the technical installations. New guidelines will be developed in order to achieve energy efficient buildings with a good indoor comfort and low environmental impact. The guidelines will be tested and improved in construction of four office buildings situated in different European climates; cold, moderate and hot. The project, which is an EU project with in the 5th Framework Program - Energy, Envoironment and Sustainable Development (ENERGIE), was started in January 2002 and will be finalized in December 2005. Participants: Henrik Brohus, Erik Bjørn, Aalborg University; FaberMaunsell, UK; Ministerie van Volkshuisvesting, The Netherlands; Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, Greece; NCC AB, Sweden; Honeywell INUcontrol Ltd, Sweden; Hoare Lea, UK; European Public Law Center, Greece; SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute, Sweden; Christer Nordström Ltd Architectural Bureau, Sweden. Contact: Henrik Brohus, Aalborg University, Homepage: (download newsletter)
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200231/12/2005