IEA HPT Annex Flexibility by implementation of heat pump in multi-vector energy systems and thermal networks



IEA HPT Annex 47, which ended in March 2019, focused on existing solutions and technology for heat pumps in district heating grids. This annex showed that up to 50% of heating demand in Europe could be covered by district heating and heat pumps can cover up to 25 % of the energy supply to the district heating
grid. This means that the potential for heat pumps is large. Annex 47 showed that heat pumps can be integrated in different ways in the DH grid which means that the losses can be reduced, and the efficiency can be improved.
This Annex focus on coming technologies and the possibilities of heat pumps to increase the flexibility in energy systems with different sources such as PV, wind-power, and biomass and where end users can be consumer or prosumer or both (Multi-Vector). Heat pumps in DH systems provide many benefits, since they enable the possibility of running DH systems at lower temperatures, which increases the possibilities of using waste heat. Thus, the grid can run more efficiently as the heat losses can be reduced.
The implementation of District Heating and Cooling (DHC) systems and heat pumps in these systems, is a solution to increase the overall energy efficiency in the public society and to minimize the use of fossil fuels. The implementation of heat pumps in DHC systems is a solution to use waste heat and ambient heat as well as a way to increase the share of renewable energy in DHC systems and in the entire energy system.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/202031/12/2022


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