The overall objective of this project is to identify and explore studies of Hybrid Power Plants (HPP) cost effective technology development and integration into evolving global markets, which are of particular interest of Danish stakeholders.
The Objectives of this EUDP project are closely mirroring the three Work Packages (WPs) of the ongoing IEA Wind Task on Hybrid Power Plants (HPP) and related Deliverables (D).
This project aims to address three of the main challenges formulated by IEA surrounding the development and deployment of hybrid power plants mainly from Danish perspective:
• What are the suite of capabilities a hybrid plant will be expected to do and what storage solution or combination of storage solutions are required to achieve these capabilities? What are the specifications for these capabilities for the upcoming HPP markets being targeted by Danish businesses?
• What design and control tools are needed to be developed to maximize value provided, minimize costs, and optimize siting of hybrids? What kind of tools are available for the Danish businesses and what are the research needs?
• What are the different electrical designs that can be used to take advantage of shared infrastructure and provide the necessary operational capabilities needed in a hybrid plant? How these electrical designs can be improved in terms of test methods and standards to reduce the HPP development time for Danish businesses?
This project will gather and disseminate information about HPP to the Danish stakeholders through “Danish Hybrid Wind Power Plant Forum” and provide useful recommendations and guidelines to IEA deliverables that can be used by both Danish industry, researchers and society at large.
Kort titelIEA Task 50
AkronymIEA Task 50
Effektiv start/slut dato01/11/202131/10/2025


  • Technical University of Denmark
  • Aarhus University
  • University of Southern Denmark


  • EUDP: 1.427.223,00 kr.


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