Research Project.

The project seeks to explore a new approach to strategic planning in Greenland, based on scenario building. Grounded in the challenge of uncertainty and complexity for planning, in the Greenland industrial development context, this project is focused on experimenting with a method for building and using scenarios focussing on the question: How will Greenland have developed as a society in 50 years?

The project is undertaken in corporation with the Government of Greenlands Portfolio Secretariat and University of Greenland, and includes among others planning and fcilitation of a workshop for gvt officails in Nuuk Greenland, and teaching at University of Greenland. The project aims at exploring and testing the chosen methods and discussing the results as well as how it might be implemented. The findings of the project is published as an article in a scientific journal.
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  • Greenland
  • Scenarios
  • planning
  • Uncertainty
  • Development


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Use of scenarios and strategic planning to explore an uncertain future in Greenland

Hansen, A. M. & Larsen, S. V., aug. 2014, I : Regional Environmental Change. 14, 4, s. 1575-1585 11 s.

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