Implementation of New Technology in Industrial Production - the Technological Readiness Perspective

  • Nielsen, Svend Hvid, (Projektdeltager)
  • Andersen, Per Hjulskov, (Projektdeltager)



    CIP project group: PhD Student Per Hjulskov Andersen, Associate Professor Sven Hvid Nielsen (primary advisor), Associate Professor Anders Drejer (associate advisor) Case company: Martin Group A/S Project duration: Fall 2000 - Summer 2005 A major industrial firm taking a product from working prototype to market-ready in 7 weeks flat? Unheard of! But this project is investigating a concept to help a Danish firm make sense of the technological jungle while defining and building up a tech-nological readiness to give its product development processes a head start.
    Effektiv start/slut dato19/05/2010 → …