INNESTO - Instruments and Networks for developing logistics towards Sustainable Territorial Objectives

  • Hansen, Leif Gjesing (Projektdeltager)



The INNESTO main objective is to develop a new territorial approach to logistics that integrates different disciplines, tools and methods, as well as lessons and issues from different local contexts to advance approaches for the participatory management of the sustainable development processes on an European level.

The overall objective of the INNESTO-project has been to develop a strategic tool for local and regional public bodies that have an interest to promote and implement more sustainable logistics structures by:
 Improving the localised networks of SMEs in order to strengthen the local economic tissue and links economic activities more strongly to the territory – an important objective in times where “globalisation” tends to reduce local leeway of decision making
 Maintaining the independence of local logistics / transport companies as an important asset for local self-governance
 Applying a territorial approach to logistics considering all aspects of material flows (environmental, social and political) will contribute to the quality of life (sustainability) of local communities.
Effektiv start/slut dato19/05/201019/05/2013


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