Inno-SE: Innovationsnetværket Smart Energy



Inno-SE builds a bridge between knowledge institutions and companies in their endeavours to meet the energy political objectives, while growth, innovation and employment are created within energy efficiency and intelligent energy systems.

Inno-SE wishes to facilitate knowledge being translated into concrete value. This takes place through:

• Efficient matchmaking which sets off our members’ commercial potential
• Identification of synergies with other sectors which will add increased value to the projects
• Ensuring that companies have access to export markets and knowledge about end users’ needs
• Inno-SE is to be one of Europe’s leading networks within energy efficiency and intelligent energy systems

This will take place based on the four focus areas of the network:

• Integrated energy systems
• Intelligent building installations and energy behavior
• Power electronics
• Innovation business models
Kort titelInno-SE
Effektiv start/slut dato01/07/201430/06/2018


  • Styrelsen for Forskning og Innovation: kr 35.500.000,00


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