Integrated Photovoltaics with Thermoelectrics



This project focuses on the integration of thermoelectric generators (TEGs) and microchannel heat exchangers (μHX) with photovoltaics (PV). Thermoelectric devices can convert part of the waste heat of the PV panels into electricity, adding to the production of the PV panel. The proposed study includes two parallel phases, where in the first phase lamination of the TEGs, together with μHX, onto PV crystalline cells will be evaluated. In the second phase, application of the thin film TEGs and flexible thin film μHX to the flexible thin film PVs will be considered. The proposed designs provide low-thickness solar modules and low contacts thermal resistance. This pre-study will estimate the solar energy conversion efficiency of the proposed modules compared to the available commercial products. Challenges for the integrating, manufacturing and demonstrating of the modules will be considered in order to increase the modules efficiency and their cost performance. The ultimate target of this study is preparing a proposal for future developments and demonstrations.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/201330/04/2014




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