The current design of Moodle course pages and the standard activities favour a very passive engagement from the student side - mostly as a repository of teaching materials and result in the course page appearing bland, boring, and interchangeable. The students do not get the sense that Moodle is the place to engage with learning content actively. Instead pro-active teachers at AAU and elsewhere currently resort to drawing on digital activities from other websites to improve workshop, exercises or classroom experiences especially when addressing larger classes. This includes e.g. use of Padlet (for brainstorming, affinity diagramming), trello, google docs/spreadsheets/draw, reddit, and many others - see some examples below . Many of these support embedding their activities into other websites as widgets.
The project focuses on identifying suitable activities, that lend themselves at documenting class activities, learning and progress in a spatial way (see examples below) that can be folded somehow so they do not overload the Moodle course pages. This might require some programming and adapting the embedded object (in Java Script or CSS/HTML) and checking that these embedded objects do not create problems with existing activities e.g. Moodle’s bootstrap element.
Kort titelMoodleApps
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202031/12/2020


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