Integreret HTPEM methanol reformer system til backup og transport applikationer



The project objective is to develop a generic fuel cell system based on HTPEM (High Temperature PEM) and methanol reforming. Very successful result have been documented for HTPEM by the Danish Gas Technology Centre in the project "Danish micro combined heat and power". These results are the foundation for this project that also explores the synergies between backup power and transport identified in the CanDan project focusing on LTPEM (Low Temperature PEM). detailed simulation tools are developed that can assist in designing systems applicable in both applications and supports modularity such that a broader range of system powerlevel can be reached. The project results are demonstrated through the following two cases:
1. Transport applications are demonstrated by converting the Hywet to operate on reformed methanol
2. Backup power is demonstrated by Dantherm with a large OEM customer as end-user.

Dantherm has documented a system efficiency based on reformed methonal of 41%. A system running on pure hydrogen has reached a system efficiency of 53%. This project has a realistic goal to archieve the same efficiency for the methanol system. In addition it is the ambition to develop a simple system design where the number of system components is reduced to one third ensuring low system cost and high reliability. The application of methanol of hydrogen carrier will accelerate the application of fuel cell in transport application with associated environmental benefits. The application of methanol in combination with fuel cells for transport is in agreement with the preliminary recommendations in the Danish strategy for hydrogen to transport.  

Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/200831/12/2009


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