International Academic Association on Planning, Law and Property rights - Third Conference 11-13 February2009



Law is an essential element of planning. It provides planning authorities with statutory powers to prepare, adopt and enforce plans as well as limiting the planning powers for the protection of individual rights. The role of law in planning is not confined to planning law, as planning and implementation of development in urban and rural areas address a broader range of legal issues.

80 researsers from all continents participate in this third conference at Aalborg University that includes more than 60 papers on the following topic areas:

Legal aspects of land development, Public-private cooperation in the development process, Enforcement of planning provisions, Economics, Real estate and land use planning, Property rights and land development, Public participation rights, Comparative analyses of planning laws. Any other topic relating to planning and law or to planning and property rights is also welcome.

Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/200828/02/2009


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