International Leadership in Educational Technology (ILET)



The EC-US project, ILET (International Leadership for Educational Technology: A Transatlantic Bridge for Doctoral Studies # , which aims at establishing a PhD specializa¬tion in Intercultural Educational Technology (IET), in cooperation with three U.S. universities (Iowa State University, University of Virginia, and the University of Florida), and two European universities (the University of London's Institute of Education, the University of Barcelona, Aalborg University). Grants from the European Commission, the U.S. Department of Education, and Oracle support faculty and student exchanges and curriculum. New information and communication technologies are opening up classrooms in schools and universities across the world, particularly in the USA and Europe, but necessary intercultural education is slow to emerge. This is of particular significance within the education of teacher trainers and related staff (college and corporate services to education) and for educational research and development, where educational investment may be multiplied many times (these teachers and trainers train new generations of teachers who teach students). Therefore, this project will establish Intercultural educational technology as a leading international special strand that will be team taught within the doctoral programs of European and USA Centers of Excellence in new technology and education. Intercultural Educational Technology will have five core courses. universities have undertaken to integrate these courses and study visits within their doctoral programs, without additional charge to students. The project partners besides the attached persons are:Dr. Niki Davis, Iowas State University (project leader)Dr. Zarhl Zoeny, Virginia UniversityDr. Kara Dawson and Dr. Rick Ferdig, University of FloridaDr. Andrew Brown, London University?s Institute of EducationDr. José Luis Rodrigez, University of Barcelona
Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/200130/09/2005


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