The Verwey-Jonker Institute from The Netherlands is undertaking a research on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Netherlands focusing on learning from policies in Belgium, Denmark and Germany at national level and in 6 municipalities on the following themes: “improving social safety”, “quality of life” and “integration & society” with regards to vulnerable neighborhoods.

The research consists of two phases. The first phase will be focusing on gathering key information about policies in the three countries and in six cities of these three countries (Belgium, Denmark and Germany). We will do this on the basis of an inventory through a desk study by our international partners on policies and available documentation, followed by a visit by the Dutch research team to in total 6 cities in 3 countries. The second phase will be the analytical phase focusing on identifying key recommendations at policy level relevant to the Dutch context; relating to what The Netherlands can learn from the experiences in Belgium, Denmark and Germany for the Dutch policy context (at national level and at the level of municipalities).
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/201930/09/2019


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