The Centre for Cultural psychology at Aalborg University is organizing the first early-stage researchers International Winter School on “The method of imagination” open to PhD and Post-doc students. The winter school will take place in Klitgaarden at Skagen, North Denmark, February 18-21 2016.


The winter school goal is to mobilize the early-stage researchers’ excellencies (PhD students and early-stage researchers) in the new multidisciplinary field of study of imagination. Imaginative processes are always at stake in art, education, scientific work, business, politics, they are also involved in decision-making, creativity, psychotherapy. The scientific purpose of the winter school is to provide an introduction to the study of imagination as autonomous interdisciplinary field of study in social and human sciences, by providing a very early opportunity of international publication to young and promising scholars, who can provide with a significant and visionary contribution to the advancement of knowledge in this new field. The Conference is organized by the Centre for Cultural Psychology, Aalborg University, that is becoming a leading location in the field of cultural psychology.
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