IST 2004 507102, “My personal Adaptive Global NET (MAGNET)" - Antennas and Propagation Contributions



The research work of Antennas and Propagation professional group address the topic of dynamic MIMO UWB radio propagation channel measurements and modelling along with air-interface investigations for wireless personal/body area network (PAN/BAN) targeting low- to high- data rate (L-HDR) UWB communication systems. Several set-ups with practical and small-size antennas have been evaluated in typical, dynamic indoor PAN scenarios. Radio channel characterisation and modelling has been performed for realistic end-user scenarios with hand-held devices, including the effects of the user dynamics and body proximity. Our investigations showed that significant variations of the received wideband power and time-delay signal clustering are possible due the user-proximity, user dynamics and hand-held antenna configurations. The channel modelling results have been incorporated in a physical layer (PHY) simulation tool) in order to evaluate the performances of impulse radio based UWB communication systems and provide guidelines for low-complexity UWB transceiver design. More information on the UWB related research in the Antennas and Propagation group:
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