The goal of the JobMatch project is to improve the accuracy of the job recommendations made by Jobindex, Scandinavia's largest job portal, thereby reducing the number of unemployed people, of delayed employment, and of job changes due to mismatched job seekers and job postingsin Denmark.

The aim is to research and develop a tool—JobMatch—that can match reliably and automatically in a personalized manner while taking into account each candidate’s unique career path, locational preferences, and workplace-related cultural preferences. If successful, the tool will be able to (1) identify the candidates that best match a job advert (and vice versa); (2) suggest persuasive messages to send to relevant candidates to convince them to apply; and (3) conduct this persuasive communication in a culturally informed way.
Kort titelJobMatch
Effektiv start/slut dato01/12/202030/11/2023