The K-Force project – Knowledge FOr Resilient soCiEty is an Erasmus+ project with 16 partners from predominantly the west Balkan countries. The project started in 2016 and will end in 2019.

The K-FORCE project aims to improve capability for regional cooperation in risk pre­vention and response and to ensure national professional resources and regional capacities in order to build regional-based disaster preparedness and a culture of safety and resilience at all levels according to National and EU Integration Strategies.

In order to achieve this, K-FORCE project will create effective, contemporary and sustainable Study Programs in the field of Disaster Risk Management and Fire Safety Engineering (DRM&FSE), see more details about the project here.

The role of our group in the K-FORCE project is mainly to provide the basis for the design and curriculum development of the Master programs and to ensure that the quality in educational activities are at the level of best international standards.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201731/10/2019


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