Labour, Organisation and Competence in National Innoation Systems (Loc Nis)



    The project contributes to two of the objectives of the "Human Potential" programme. Firstly, it aims to improve Europe's socio-economic knowledge base by integrating knowledge in different fields. By providing a better understanding of how changes in organisation, working life and jobs interact, Loc Nis seeks to improve citizens' ability to cope with different new trends (globalisation, information technology, rapid innovation) that affect various aspects of their lives. Secondly, the project aims to create a knowledge base enabling polity makers to take valid decisions. Policymaking has become compartmentalised into such specialised areas as social policy, labour market policy, and innovation policy. Loc Nis aims to minimize the risks of such specialisation by identifying couplings between policy areas. Partner is professor Edward Lorenz, Centre d'Etudes de l'Emploi, France
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