Large Scale Bio Energy Lab II



Although the biogas sectors in the German and Danish part of the program area Schleswig-Holstein – Region of Southern Denmark have developed differently in the last decades, both sectors now face the same challenges: 1. Lack of sustainable and cheap biomass, 2. Ineffective process technology using these types of biomass, 3. Uneven concentration of fertilizer products from biogas production in proportion to the farmland and 4. Limited options for exploiting that biogas is a stable and storable energy source that can be used when the supply of other renewable energy sources fluctuates.
Through further development and materialization of innovative processes and products, based on the results of the predecessor project (Large Scale Bioenergy Lab I), the aim of this project is to make the biogas sector financially, ecologically and environmentally sustainable in relation to these challenges. Examples of a holistic and integrated biogas sector is to be given a specific form in the program region for the establishment of a solid bioenergy cluster incl. bio refinery ideas, so the program region can be a visionary and leading region within this position of strength.
Streamlining of process technologies that can handle lignocellulose-based residue biomasses (straw, nature conservation grass and the like) will reduce the competition for use of farmland for energy crops. Optimized fertilizer products, and handling thereof will benefit regional farmers, and further reduce the discharge of nutrients into the aquatic environment as well as the impact caused by transportation. An integrated biomass, wind and solar energy system will benefit the whole program region energy sector, as bottlenecks by overloading of the electric power grid can be avoided. Such a system ensures stable and storable supply of renewable energy to the regions.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/06/201631/05/2019


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