Lav-induktiv IGBT-sikring / Low Inductance IGBT Fuse



Many power electronic applications use a voltage source dc-link as the source to generate either ac or dc. The power level continues to increase and further energy is stored in the dc-link. Despite active protection, a high-power IGBT still has a small risk of exhibiting a violent rupture in the case of a fault. The possibility of protecting the power-modules against explosion with high-speed fuses is investigated in this project. The topics include: * experimental study of short-circuits of IGBT's * investigation of the inductance that a fuse adds to a converter * study of improved IGBT-fuse design * loss calculation in fuses * high-frequency modelling of fuses. The project will conclude with proposals for new fuses and also give design guidelines in future applications. In the project several test systems have been buildt. One system is used for testing IGBT's with and without fuses. A second test system was used for determining the added inductance using a fuse in a dc-linked IGBT-inverter with high accuracy. A third test system was built for load testing of fuses. The project is sponsored by Cooper Bussmann. (Florin Iov, Frede Blaabjerg; Karsten Ries, Cooper Bussmann)
Effektiv start/slut dato31/12/200331/12/2003