LIGHTEL: Energy efficient lighting design for improving well-being of elderly through intelligent circadian lighting



Albertslund inaugurates in 2016 its ambitious new health center with medical practitioners, rehabilitation facilities and housing for different groups of care recipients. LIGHTEL installs LED lights with sensors and an advanced intelligent management system. It allows citizens to be ‘prescribed’ a light that supports well-being and health in the form of circadian rhythm and sleep. The light can also prevent depressions and 'winter mood'. The evaluation of the proposed lighting design will be based on a "holistic" approach involving anthropological (mood & behaviour), sensor-based (actigraphy) and medical factors. Light and management systems will accordingly be offered through the municipal home-care unit to citizens in their own home. With a growing proportion of elderly citizens, not just in the Danish population, but throughout Europe, the potential is enormous for obtaining societal benefits in terms of energy savings and in the form of improved health and safety.
Kort titelLIghTel
Effektiv start/slut dato01/03/201601/03/2018


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