Living on the Edge – Risk, Resources, Resilience and Relocations in the Western Limfjord, ca. 1750-1900



This project seeks to explore the risks, ressources, resilience and relocations of small settlements on Agger Tange in western Jutland from the period c. 1750-1900. Our abilities as socities to cope with, through mitigation and adaptation, the human coastlines, we
have created in the anthropocene, are crucial for human survival. Juxtaposing these current challenges with historical narratives adds some much needed depth in time and a perspective for the future we shall live in. The project consists of two sub-projects, a PhD project and a separate study by the principal investigator (PI). Both projects share a spatial, temporal and conceptual framework, examining the hypothesis that coastal communities on Agger Tange formed a number of historically contingent socio-ecological niches shaped by the entanglements of environmental forcing, natural resource exploitation and human agency, locally and nationally.
Kort titelLiving on the Edge
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/201930/09/2022


  • miljøhistorie
  • fiskerihistorie
  • marin miljøhistorie
  • naturkatastrofehistorie
  • kystsamfund
  • kystkultur


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