European industry is, on the transition from mass production industry towards a service oriented one which provides production on demand, mass customization, and with a rapid reaction to market changes, facing the challenge to produce and to de-produce according to the lot-size1 paradigma at low cost and high quality. Demands for sustainability and preservation of natural resources raise the need for eco- and cost-efficiently de-production of goods. Both cases exceed the capabilities of nowadays automation by far. Therefore, the main objective of LOTSIZE1 is to develop innovative and user friendly robotic systems for efficient semi-automation of production and de-production processes at small lot sizes down to 1. The LOTSIZE1 project will be carried out in collaboration with a number of different partners from Europe. (Ole Madsen, Hans Holm og Stig Taps, Institut for Produktion, AAU)
    Effektiv start/slut dato31/12/200431/12/2004