Management of complex industrial supplier relations - an attractiveness perspective



    The importance of managing industrial supplier relations is receiving more and more attention in both theory and practice. The industrial company needs to be able to exercise influence on the strategic orientation and development of suppliers. This demand is increased by overall industrial tendencies like outsourcing, mass customization and joint product development etc. Many companies, like the project company Danfoss Drives, only carry out the assembly of the final product. Therefore suppliers outside the physical and legal domain of the company create a large part of the value of the final product. This project seeks to create a practical understanding of the mechanisms that determine and affect the company's ability to manage its supplier relations. Parallel to this, traditional methods of managing supply in a theoretical perspective are investigated. From these analyses an alternative method of managing supply is developed - attractiveness. This method originates in the attractiveness of the purchasing company itself and focuses on creating commitment via influence - contrary to more control based management methods. The project is carried out in close collaboration with CIP partner Danfoss Drives. The project form is primarily case studies and participative research at Danfoss Drives. Contact persons at Danfoss Drives: Erhardt Jessen, Peter Madsen, John Unbehaun. Project duration: fall 1999 to fall 2002. (Chris Ellegaard, John Johansen, Anders Drejer)
    Effektiv start/slut dato31/12/200331/12/2003