Managing Radial Change - a Process Study at LEGO



Carried out in collaboration with the LEGO Company, this Ph.D. project is designed to study change processes in a new developing corporate segment called LEGO Direct. The segment deals primarily with direct-to-customer business processes, such as E-business, catalogue sales and consumer services, and was officially launched as an independent business unit in September 1999. The Ph.D. research aims to analyze organizational change processes, as they happen over time, irrespective of whether the processes are directed or emergent. Theoretically, it has been of substantial importance to avoid synthesizing available theories into one single paradigm from the perspective of which to analyze the change process. Rather, greater explanatory clout was sought in the combined use of four basic paradigms ? contingency theory, technological determinism, strategic choice theory and structuration theory. Quite simply, both experience and empirical research have shown that rational theorizing rarely succeeds in describing corporate realities. While this may not in itself pose a problem, it can however provide a working base on which to develop better, more refined tools for understanding organizational change, which this research hopes to accomplish by using not just one, but several theoretical paradigms. In short, the aim of the Ph.D. research project is to develop a process framework/theory that brings out the best from the four mentioned focal organizational research areas in a dynamic fashion. CIP project group: Peter Poulsen (Ph.D. Researcher), Associate Professor Lars Bo Henriksen (Primary advisor), Professor Harry Boer (Associate advisor) External partners: LEGO Direct ? a subdivision within the LEGO Company dealing with direct customer contact activities. In addition, this project is central to the CIP network project entitled "Radical Change Processes". Project duration: 1 June 2000 ? 31 May 2003.
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