In order to achieve the implementation of the Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the 20-20-20 target set by the EU, it is necessary to design optimal energy efficient buildings by applying an integrated multidisciplinary design approach. This means that at least architects and specialists like mechanical, civil and HVAC engineers, energy experts and installers should work together in multidisciplinary teams from the very first start in the design and building process.
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IDES-EDU: Comprehensive multidisciplinary education programme to accelerate the implementation of EPBD in Europe

Wyckmans, A., Almeida, M., Brunsgaard, C., Dubois, M-C., Kabele, K., Medved, S., Ritzen, M., Ghodrat, S., Skeie, K. & Finocchiaro, L., 28 okt. 2014. 8 s.

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    Integrated Energy Design: Education and Training in Cross-disciplinary Teams Implementing Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)

    Brunsgaard, C., Dvořáková, P., Wyckmans, A., Stutterecker, W., Laskari, M., Almeida, M., Kabele, K., Magyar, Z., Bartkiewicz, P. & Op ’t Veld, P., feb. 2014, I : Building and Environment. 72, s. 1-14 14 s.

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    IDES-EDU – new interdisciplinary education program for Sustainable Buildings

    Dvorakova, P., Kabele, K., Brunsgaard, C., Wyckmans, A., Stutterecker, W., Magyar, Z., Almeida, M., Laskari, M., Bartkiewicz, P. & Op´T Veld, P., 2013, CESB 13 Central Europe towards Sustainable Building 2013. Hájek, P., Tywoniak, J., Lupíšek, A. & Sojkova, K. (red.). Prag: GRADA PUBLISHING, 4 s.

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