Mechanisms, Materials, Manufacturing and Management – Interdisciplinary Fundamental Research to Promote commercialization of HT-PEMFC



PEMFC is expected to play an important role in future energy systems by enabling a more flexible and efficient interaction with renewable energy sources. Operation at temperatures above 100 C is recognized as a very promising solution and one of the strategic approaches of the Danish development. as a result of recent R&D activities with a Danish lead, the HT PEM technology with the state-of-the -art performance is at the threshold of the market. Further improvement in performance, cost and durability is decisive for the market penetration, which will result from materials design, component fabrication, cell and stack characterization and modeling and diagnostic techniques. The 4M Centre is therefore timely proposed to address fundamental issues throughout the entire technological value chain including electrode processes, degradation mechanisms, anhydrous proton conductivity, heterocatalysis, technological and system engineering. Strong synergies are intended with other on-going projects focusing on technological development. In this way the generated knowledge is used to improve key materials and components, versatile fuelling concepts, stacking and integration strategies, control and diagnostics. The Centre is envisioned to solidify the Danish leadership in the field, strengthen the international collaboration and promote the final commercialisation. Leading international entities are partners of the 4M centre.
Kort titel4M Centre
Akronym4M Centre
Effektiv start/slut dato01/04/201331/03/2018


  • DSF The Danish Council for Strategic Research: kr 43.722.320,00

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    Diagnosis of CO Pollution in HTPEM Fuel Cell using Statistical Change Detection

    Jeppesen, C., Blanke, M., Zhou, F. & Andreasen, S. J., sep. 2015, 9th IFAC Symposium on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes SAFEPROCESS 2015. Mishra, S. (red.). 21 udg. Bind 48. s. 547-553 7 s. (IFAC-PapersOnLine).

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    Investigating the Effect of Water Vapor and Residual Methanol on the Anode of High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell

    Thomas, S., Araya, S. S., Kær, S. K. & Vang, J. R., 16 dec. 2015, Proceedings of the 6th European Fuel Cell - Piero Lunghi Conference, EFC 2015. ENEA, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development , s. 229-230 2 s.

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  • Fuel Cell Equivalent Electric Circuit Parameter Mapping

    Jeppesen, C., Zhou, F. & Andreasen, S. J., 1 dec. 2014. 1 s.

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