Microgrid technology research based on wind/PV/storage hybrid system



This research of 500kWp BIPV multi-energy complementary micro-grid system (PV/wind hybrid micro-grid system) includes three parts: distributed power source, load and micro-grid control system. Distributed power sources contain PV power, wind power, gas generator and storage system. Micro-grid control system can take charge of all the distributed power sources and loads of the micro-grid. If there is any failure in distributed network, micro-grid will switch to island running mode and under this mode each distributed power source continues to generate power, which ensures the stability of micro-grid.

Under on-grid running mode, if the PV and wind power are more than the load, surplus power will be stored in energy storage system; if the PV and wind power are less than the load, electricity in energy storage system can be released. Under island running mode, the real-time balance between distributed power system and load can be realized through charge and discharge control of storage system.

The 500kWp Multi-energy Complementary Micro-grid Technology Research is funded by RED.

The project is a collaboration with Shanghai Solar Energy Science & Technology Co, Ltd.
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