Migrants, Minorities, and Muslims in Security Organizations

  • Gad, Ulrik Pram (PI (principal investigator))



    Minorities with Muslim and/or migrant background working in security organizations (police, intelligence, armed forces, MFA) are identified in a series of potentially conflicting ways: First, they are constructed an functional necessity (language skills etc.) in relation to the tasks of the organizations. At the same time they - due to the configuration of present discourses on identity and civilization - occupy doubly charged positions as both emblems of integration and (according to some:) potential fifth column agents. The project analyses the identificatory cross-pressures on individual minority members working in: What are the pressures to stress, downplay, change, eliminate, or uphold specific identifications? How do the pressures work? And what are the reactions to these pressures, as recounted in qualitative interviews?
    This post.doc. project was financed by The Center for Advanced Security Theory, University of Copenhagen. Publications in 2015-17; the first is e-pub ahead of print in European Journal of Cultural Studies.
    Effektiv start/slut dato18/10/201031/12/2016


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