Migration, New Political Cleavages and Contemporary Right-wing Populism: a Comparative Analysis of the Danish, Italian and Austrian case



    This PhD project is a comparative analysis of right wing populism in the above mentioned countries and its purpose is to explain the conditions for the rise and success, the differences and similarities that characterise the three parties that in these countries are often ascribed to the populist right, namely: the Danish People's Party, the Northern League, the Austrian Freedom Party. This will be done by coupling the investigation of the "demand side" represented by the electorate, its composition, agenda and concerns, to the "supply side" performed by the political parties, their ideology, history, organization and leadership. The literature considered will be based both on the analysis of already available national electoral surveys and international surveys and on party literature, publications and interviews. PhD project. (Susi Meret)
    Effektiv start/slut dato15/10/200109/04/2010


    • højrepopulisme