MOBE / Modeling and Optimization of Biomass based Energy Production



This project, which is a collaboration between ELSAM, DTU, AAU and other partners, deals with modeling and control of biomass-fueled power plants under low-load conditions. In the power generation industry, the current trend toward market deregulation, coupled with increasing demands for maximizing the effectiveness of usage of resources while at the same time minimizing environmental impact, places greater and greater focus on effective plant-wide operation and control systems. Load following, i.e., the ability of the power plant to meet the power production demands at all times without wasting resources, is becoming a major concern. However, the behavior of power plants tends to vary considerably with the load, and the knowledge of low-load operation is far from complete. As a consequence of this, the ability to control the plant at low load becomes severely hampered. This project attempts to address these issues through application of modern multi-variable, nonlinear modeling and control techniques.
Effektiv start/slut dato31/12/200731/12/2007




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