Mobilizing institutional reforms for better R&I systems/institutions in Europe



    Research and innovation are vital elements of economic growth translated through an innovation eco-system, driven by a diverse mix of economic actors in an environment which supports flows of information between universities, businesses, researchers, consumers, investors, editors and policy makers. It is this interaction that creates the vital feedback loops that speed adaptation and creation in the innovation process which results in economic growth and prosperity.
    According to the economist Paul Romer and its growth theory, innovation is a matter of ingredients (natural, human capital and resources) and receipts (ideas of how such ingredients can be combined to increase value). In his theory, ingredients are less important than receipts (ideas).
    Therefore, in spite of the fact that no systems are the same (being territorially rooted they are affected by specific conditions, assets and constraints typical of the area concerned), neither the same recipe can be applied for success anywhere, there is a big opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and capture “ideas” which can be adapted to own environment.
    If “receipts” are the real engine for prosperity and development, the subject of this call lies in understanding the different structures within the research and innovation system enabling an efficient exploitation and engagement in the EU research and innovation area (which rules, regulations, arrangements are in place in different countries) and explore the conditions
    for a more favourable set up and mechanisms to be adopted for an institutional change thanks to a process of dialogue and mutual learning which involves the main stakeholders groups upon a multi-level approach.
    Effektiv start/slut dato06/08/201306/08/2016


    • Innovation policy


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