Modeling and Control of an MVDC Converter Based on SiC Switches for Power Collection of Offshore Wind Farms and Energy Islands




HVDC offshore wind farms with MVDC power collection have recentlyaroused researchers’ interest as these systems offer lower losses andfabrication expenses. Numerous potential MVDC converters could be used in thepower collection stage of offshore wind farms; however, when it comes to thetechnology level, these DC/DC converters are still immature since nosubstantial studies concerning their control exist. Thus, this Ph.D. projectaims to address the research gap to enhance the performance as well as theefficiency of an MVDC converter. The novel switching and control techniqueproposed in this project together with the significant features of wide bandgapswitches provide the condition based on which the MVDC converter could operateat higher switching frequencies than what is already possible. Hence, thecontrolled MVDC converter will be smaller in size and lighter in weightcompared to the conventional ones which reduce the LCOE and provides betterpossibilities for modularity. 

Funding: Self-funded
Effektiv start/slut dato01/05/202230/04/2025


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