To transfer energy from collected offshore wind farms over a long distance, HVDC transmission is preferred over HVAC in terms of efficiency and economy. Several multi-stage configurations have been proposed in the literature. However, the multi-stage configuration generally results in a large size due to a large number of conversion stages, relatively high cost, and low efficiency and power density. Also, the independent control of several converters and communication among the sources make the system complex. To overcome these disadvantages, multi-port modular DC/DC topologies have been suggested. Multiport converters are highly non-linear MIMO systems with many control variables. Also, the coupling between the control variables makes modeling and control system design complicated. Despite such complexity, advanced control techniques have not been comprehensively studied. Moreover, most controller design work on multiport converters has not considered the uncertainties of the converter model. In this Ph.D. study, a robust controller is implemented for multi-port modular DC/DC converter for offshore wind farms application.

Funding: Self-funded
Effektiv start/slut dato01/08/202131/07/2024


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