Modeling, Design and Simulation for Embedded Software in Wireless Applications



EMBSYS Within the Information and Communication technology, real-time and embedded systems are becoming widely used. They are characterized by heterogeneity and constraints. General-purpose Software Engineering (SE) guidelines are not expressive enough to meet the requirements for designing such systems. This demands new methods for modelling, design and simulation. One effort in this domain is the Ptolemy project, carried out at Berkeley University, is one of the top-most research projects within this domain and a good framework. The research conducted so far in this project has been a survey of methods, techniques, theories, frameworks, projects, etc, related to this area. The general objective is to choose the most suitable and try to put them together coming up with SE guidelines. These guidelines should be specialized in general for embedded software and in particular for the domain of wireless networks. See CPK Annual Report 2000 - Figure (Conceptual description of the project). (Daniel Lázaro Cuadrado, Peter Koch)
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