Modern Apprenticeships as Settings for Human Creativity and Learning



The aim of this project is to conduct empirical investigations of the potential relationship between apprenticeship in late modernity, and human creativity and learning. The project seeks to explore the hypothesis that apprenticeship may be a very productive site for human creativity and learning. Studies will be conducted by six researchers in two research settings, in two advertising agencies and in two corporate product-development settings. The six empirical sites will be defined as modern apprenticeship settings in the sense that knowledge and skills are transformed and recreated in relationships between experts and newcomers as part of their daily work activities. Five working-hypotheses will be explored: 1) In order to enhance creativity in a particular workplace or community, the management of the master-role is important. 2) The delegation of responsibilities to younger employees is vital in order to ensure the appropriate balance of reproduction, innovation and creativity. 3) There may be a difference between the recognition of men's and women's creativity. 4) The highest levels of expertise are learned only through some form of apprenticeship. 5) Productive and creative work relations depend on expert networks and knowledge sharing.

Effektiv start/slut dato19/05/201019/05/2011


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