Molten salt thermal storage for continuous industrial steam supply



This project takes its outset in the innovative molten salt storage system, which Hyme is developing to make high-temperature storage (700°C) much cheaper than before, to store surplus electricity of wind/solar farms and supply continuous steam for process heating applications. Molten salts are ideal for steam production due to their high heat transfer capacity. This research will focus on creating an optimal design for converting the heat from the storage unit into high-temperature steam for industrial processes. These steam temperatures are currently hard and/or expensive to reach with e.g. heat pumps, which are also hard to couple to storage. The research will be conducted with a view to designing specifically for the needs of GreenLab (and its partners) for 180°C steam, but also cover a broader range of output temperatures (50oC-300oC) to ensure broad applicability in the long run.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/202201/12/2022


  • Velux Fonden: 595.000,00 kr.


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